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At New Age Care we understand that the period following a surgical procedure is crucial for a person’s recovery. Our dedicated care team is here to provide compassionate and comprehensive post-operative care services in the comfort of their own home.


What is Post-Operative Care?

Post-operative care refers to the specialised attention and support given to individuals after undergoing a surgical procedure.

This phase is vital for a smooth recovery, ensuring that they heal effectively and regain their strength.

What does Post Operative Care Include?

Post-operative Care can include a variety of tasks depending on the surgical procedure. These include:
  • Administering medication
  • Bandaging and dressing
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Assistance with mobility and exercises
  • Bathing, dressing & toileting
  • Meal preparation & cleaning
  • Emotional support & companionship
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The benefits of at home Postoperative Care

Personalised support

Care support tailored to your specific needs.


Experience with medication, bandaging & dressing.

Peace of Mind

Assistance and support so you can focus on recovery.

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Why choose New Age Care Postoperative Care?

Postoperative care with a difference

Personalised Care

New Age care will create a personal care plan to meet an individual’s specific needs and ensure they get the support and assistance they need, as and when it’s needed.

Administering Medical

Our care professionals will ensure you the correct dosage of medication at the right time giving everyone involved complete peace of mind.

Wound Care

Our skilled care professionals are trained in wound care, minimising the risk of infection and promoting optimal healing.

Assistance with Daily Activities

From bathing to meal preparation, our care professionals are here to provide the support needed to carry out daily tasks during recovery.

Emotional Support

 Recovering from a surgical procedure can affect someone mentally as well as physical. Our care professionals are also there to support a person’s overall wellbeing with a listening ear and companionship.

What to Do If You Need Post-Operative Care

Reach out to our friendly team on 0808 808 5000 to discuss your specific needs and schedule a consultation.

Our team will then conduct a thorough assessment to understand your requirements and develop a personalised care plan.

We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your recovery timeline. We will also keep you and your loved ones informed about progress.

At New Age Care we are committed to providing high-quality post-operative care services that prioritise your comfort, safety, and well-being. Let us be your partner in the journey to a full and speedy recovery.

"Thank you for all my support since I came out of hospital.
Amazing care, kindness, thoughtful and helpful."

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