Frequently asked questions 

Here you can find the most common questions that we get asked in relation to the domiciliary service we provide.
What type of care is best suited to my loved one?
All care packages that we offer are personalised and can will cover anything from personal care, cooking and cleaning to administering medication. To discuss this further contact our friendly team to talk through your needs. Contact us
How do I pay for my care?
You may be entitled to financial support from the local authority or the NHS. You can find out more by visiting our Financial Support page
In the majority of cases, New Age Care will create and send you an invoice once a month, which can be paid via Bank Transfer or with a cheque.
What do I do if my care needs change and I need different care?
Please contact us via 01926 675 967 to discuss this, we will then be able to book in a review with you to assess changes and update your care plan to ensure that everyone is in unison.
Are there any tasks that the Carer is not able to do?
Carers are not able to give Injections or provide care that may cause harm to the Carer or the person being cared for. For example, any task that requires lifting will be completed using an assisted device to ensure safety.

Tasks required for a person’s care will be pre-agreed and written into their care plan which Carers will use for giving care. If you would like to change the tasks you want completed, then you can let us know via 01926 675 967 and we can book in a review and update your care plan as required.

Contact us about your care needs.

Contact our friendly team to talk about your care needs.

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