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5 Signs That Your Loved One May Need Professional Care

5 Signs That Your Loved One May Need Professional Care

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There will come a time in every person’s life where they are no longer able to do all the things they used to. Whether due to physical or cognitive issues, admitting you need help as you age can be a bitter pill to swallow.

In many cases an elderly person will hide or downplay what is happening, so family will need to be vigilant in looking for the signs that their loved one needs extra support. While family can help with some tasks, eventually in most cases professional support will be needed. Seeking outside assistance doesn't diminish your love or commitment to your loved one, it simply ensures that they receive the expert support they need.


The Signs

Here are some key indicators to look out for that could suggest that your loved one may need extra support and professional care:


  • Changes in Physical Health

One of the most obvious signs that your loved one may need professional help is a decline in their physical abilities and health. They may be having difficulty performing daily tasks, have impaired mobility, experience frequent accidents or falls or have an unexplained weight loss (suggesting they may not be getting enough food). Chronic medical conditions, such as dementia, Parkinson's disease, or diabetes, as they progress, may also require specialist support and care.


  • Decline in Mental Health

Deterioration in cognitive abilities can also be a sign that professional help is needed by your loved one. Symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, disorientation, personality changes, or sudden mood swings can be signs of underlying conditions such as Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia. Professional Carers have the experience and knowledge to support your loved one with these complex conditions. Seeking professional care early can also improve your loved one's quality of life and provide them with the necessary support to navigate the challenges ahead.


  • Personal Appearance & Hygiene

If you notice a decline in your loved one’s personal appearance and hygiene, it may be another indicator that all is not well and they need professional care. Is their hair dirty or unkempt? Do they have bad body odour? Are their clothes looking unclean and wrinkled? These could all be signs that your loved one is having difficulties bathing and grooming themselves or washing their clothes. By enlisting professional help, you can ensure that your loved one's personal hygiene and well-being are maintained, reducing the risk of infections and other health issues.


  • Housekeeping Issues

Have you noticed that your loved ones house is looking more untidy than usual, or perhaps the house is looking dirty. Are everyday jobs such as doing the dishes or putting aways clothes not getting done? Are the floors covered in spills and dust building on the furniture? These could be a sign of a mobility or cognitive issue. Professional Care can help your loved one to stay on top of everyday household tasks as well as keeping the house tidy. 


  • Social Withdrawal

If you notice that your loved one is withdrawing from social interactions and activities then this may also be an indicator that professional support is needed. If they begin declining invitations, avoiding social interactions, or losing interest in their previously enjoyed hobbies and activities, there could be something else going on physically or mentally. Professional Carers provide regular social interaction and companionship. They can also organise for your loved one to go on social outings. This not only enhances the emotional well-being of your loved one but also helps prevent loneliness and the negative effects this can have on their mental and physical health.


How New Age Care Can Help

If you have noticed any of the above signs with your loved one, then it may be time to talk to an in-home care company, such as New Age Care. We provide visiting care on a regular basis giving you peace of mind that your loved one is being looked after. We can help with:

  • Morning & bedtime routines, mealtimes or any other routine you may have.
  • Personal care such as washing, dressing and toileting.
  • Administering medications.
  • Shopping for groceries and picking up prescriptions.
  • Cooking meals and cleaning.
  • A taxi service to appointments.
  • Organising appointments and helping with life admin.
  • A concierge service. Anything from flowers for birthdays to organising a trip to the theatre.
  • Companionship.
  • Care for a pet.

If things progress, we also offer live-in care, which is around the clock care 24 hours a day. 

Call us on 0808 808 5000 and talk to us about how we can help.


Entrusting your loved one's care to trained professionals doesn't diminish your role in their life, rather it enhances the support they receive and enables you to spend quality time with them. Professional care providers such as New Age Care, have the skills and resources to enhance your loved one's quality of life.

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