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New Age Care launches 'SupportZone' to combat loneliness during the Euros

New Age Care launches 'SupportZone' to combat loneliness during the Euros

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As the excitement of the Euros sweeps across the nation, New Age Care, is stepping up to ensure that no one watches the games alone.

Inspired by Asda’s ‘Nanzones’ and buoyed by England’s recent 1-0 victory over Serbia, New Age Care has introduced its own ‘SupportZone’ initiative. This innovative fanzone, located at their Leamington headquarters, aims to foster social interaction and combat loneliness among clients and the broader community.


Tackling Loneliness, One Match at a Time

According to research more than 1.9 million over-65s are expected to watch the Euros alone this summer. The numbers are even higher when considering other age groups. Recognising the need for companionship and shared experiences, New Age Care's SupportZone offers a welcoming space where individuals can come together to cheer for their national team and provide an alternative to solitary viewing at home.


A Place for Everyone

The SupportZone is designed to be inclusive and accessible. It will open 90 minutes before each kick-off, offering plenty of time for attendees to socialise before settling down to watch the game. The venue will broadcast England’s next two group games and extend to the quarterfinals, semi-finals, and the final, regardless of the home nations’ progress. Guests are encouraged to bring their own drinks and snacks, creating a picnic-like atmosphere that enhances the sense of community.


A Vision of Companionship

Our Director, Samantha Whittaker, is very excited about the initiative: “We were delighted to hear about Asda’s ‘Nanzones’, as the idea aligns with our values of companionship and togetherness. However, we were disheartened to learn that they were only opening three zones around the country and none locally. This inspired us to bring the same concept to the Midlands and open it up to anyone who might be watching football alone, not just the elderly.”
“With traditional fanzones and pubs often characterised by large crowds and loud noises, our SupportZone offers a safe hub for people to enjoy football in a more relaxed setting. We look forward to welcoming our regular clients and anyone from the wider community who might need some companionship to cheer on the football with!”


Building on a Strong Foundation

New Age Care is all about fostering community spirit. Earlier this year, we launched the Wednesday Activity Club and Sunday Lunch Club, both of which have been well-received. The Wednesday clubs involves lots of different hands on activities, opportunities for social interaction, as well as featuring visits from a financial expert, a voice coach, the fire service, and the police fraud squad, offering valuable skills and knowledge.


Join the SupportZone

For those interested in experiencing the SupportZone, it's easy to get involved. Whether you're a regular client or not, you’re welcome to join our fanzone and cheer on England in a supportive environment. To watch an upcoming fixture at the SupportZone, contact Caroline Treanor, Development and Events Manager, on 07840 842993.

New Age Care's SupportZone provides not just a space to watch football, but a place to build connections and combat loneliness. Let's come together and make this Euros a truly inclusive celebration!

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