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Indoor summer activities to beat the heat

Indoor summer activities to beat the heat

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For the elderly, some days during the summer are just too hot to venture out. On these days it is important to have a range of enjoyable indoor activities that will help your older person stay cool as well as keep them engaged.

When choosing activities consider the abilities and interests of your senior and make sure you vary and rotate the activities to keep them interested.


Possible Indoor Activities

There are lots of possible indoor activities for hot days but here are a few to get you started.


Games and Puzzles

Games and puzzles are a great indoor activity in the hot weather. They require very little movement but stimulate the mind and encourage social interaction. Classic board games like scrabble and chess, or card games, offer mental stimulation and some friendly competition. Jigsaw puzzles are all engrossing as well as relaxing and offer a sense of accomplishment at the end. These can be done together but are also great for the senior on their own. Choose puzzles based on the elderly person’s likes and interests. Puzzles featuring beautiful landscapes or nostalgic images can also enhance the experience.


Arts and Crafts

Art and craft projects are not too strenuous in hot weather and can tap into an elderly person’s creative side. Art activities could include drawing, painting or even colouring, all of which can be relaxing and promote self-expression. Craft projects such as making cards, scrapbooking, and knitting allow an older person to get creative and also produce a tangible item at the end that they can be proud of. Look online for craft ideas based on the interests of your senior.


Watch movies

Watching movies is a great indoor activity that will keep an elderly person entertained for hours on a hot day. Closing the curtains and dimming the lights creates the perfect atmosphere and will also help to keep the house cooler. Choose some of their favourite movies, or movies from their favourite genre, then get some popcorn or snacks, cold drinks and sit back and enjoy. Once the movie has finished discuss what they thought of the film and also any memories it may have bought back.


Virtual Tours and Experiences 

If your senior likes cultural activities or travel, then virtual tours and experiences are a great way to beat the heat. Lots of museums and art galleries offer virtual tours. There are also lots of travel documentaries available online that allow someone to see historic landmarks and immerse themselves in different cultures. After watching these documentaries discuss what you’ve seen and learnt, to further enhance the experience. Virtual cooking classes are also a fantastic way to learn new recipes from around the world. Keep in mind that cooking may add to the heat in the house so try to stick to recipes that require minimal or no cooking.


Wellness Activities

If your senior goes out regularly, their health and wellbeing may suffer because they’re confined indoors as a result of the summer heat. Incorporate some indoor physical and mental wellness activities into their day to combat this. From a physical perspective encourage some gentle exercise such as stretching or yoga. This will help not only flexibility and balance but the elderly person’s overall well-being. From a mental health perspective incorporate some activities that promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Pampering activities such as a hand massage, pedicure or manicure all work well, as do self-care activities such as listening to relaxing music, reading a book or meditating.


Indoor Gardening

If an elderly person enjoys gardening, or being in their garden, but it’s too hot to go outside, then consider creating an indoor garden. Indoor plants have become super popular in recent years and there are some lovely ones available. Some herbs and vegetables do well indoors so create a mini herb or vegetable garden. You also get to enjoy the fruits of your labour when they are ready for eating.

While the summer heat may limit outdoor activities, there is no shortage of fun and enjoyable activities that can be done indoors to beat the heat. Having a range of options up your sleeve ensures that your older person never gets bored or disengaged, and has an enjoyable summer despite the heat.

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