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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Elderly Mums that are not Flowers

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Elderly Mums that are not Flowers

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Finding a Mother’s Day gift for your Mum as she ages can be tricky. If she’s in a care home then there may be space limitations. If she’s still at home, she probably has many of the things she needs for day to day living.
So how do you find a gift that is thoughtful and shows how much you care? Here are a few ideas that may help.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Photo albums

Photo albums make a great gift for an elderly Mum. Create a photo album using your Mum’s old photos or if you have more recent digital photos, use them to create a photo book online and get it printed. If you want something a little bit different you can create photo gifts such as a mug or cushion using one or more of the photos.

Books and audio books

Books make a great gift if your Mum is a reader. Find out their favourite authors and see if they have a new book out. Ask in your local book store for ideas based on the types of books your Mum likes reading. If reading is no longer possible consider getting them some audio books that they can listen to on a tablet or mobile, or perhaps picture books on subjects of interest.

Vintage Record Player

Record players are a wonderful nostalgic gift and have made a comeback over the last few years. Add a few of your Mum’s favourite records and you’re sure to see some smiles as it brings back happy memories.

Jigsaws & puzzles

If your Mum likes problem solving then Jigsaws and puzzles can make a fun gift that will keep her amused for hours. Make sure they are appropriate for your Mum’s skill level or your Mum may lose interest.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are a great alternative to flowers. While flowers look lovely for a few days to a week, indoor plants last considerably longer. There has been a lot of research about how nature can improve your mental health. Adding a few plants indoors, especially if you can’t get out, can do wonders. Look for low maintenance plants so your Mum doesn’t have to do too much to keep them happy and growing.


Most women love a little pampering. Organise for your Mum to have a facial, a massage or a manicure or pedicure. You could take them to a salon or if they’re not too mobile get someone to come to them.


Slippers may be a little cliché but they are a practical gift for someone who spends a lot of time in their home or a care home. Spoil them a little and buy a luxurious pair that they wouldn’t normally buy themselves. Ensure the slippers have a good grip though, as you don’t want them to slip or trip wearing them.


In the colder months many elderly people are warmed and comforted by a blanket over the legs. Could your Mum do with a new one? Look for one in their favourite colour or if you’re creative why not knit one.

Handmade Gifts

If you’re creative or on a budget then why not make your Mum a gift. If you have children, you could also get them involved. Your Mum will appreciate the time and effort you put in and treasure it even more. Here are a few ideas:
Bake a cake or biscuits
Make some jam or chutney
Paint or draw a picture or make a cross stitch and frame it
Knit a scarf or blanket

Gift Basket

Gift baskets can make a great gift for Mother’s Day. You can buy ones already made up from places such as Marks & Spencer or you can make it more personal and create your own. If you create one of your own, here are some ideas for filling it:
Biscuits, cake and chocolates
Condiments such as jam, marmalade and homey
Different teas or coffees
Pamper products such as hand cream and lip balm
Jigsaws, puzzle books or colouring books.

Monthly Subscription

You can get a subscription for just about anything these days. A subscription for magazines, chocolates, tea or mixed boxes themed around wellbeing or food and drink. A subscription is the gift that keeps on giving as it regularly arrives to brighten your Mother’s day throughout the year.

Your Time

Nothing is more precious to your Mum than your time. Visit your Mum, make her lunch or dinner, chat over a coffee or do something that your Mum’s enjoys doing such as gardening or watching films together. You could also create a voucher(or vouchers) giving them your time to help with tasks around the house or offering to take them out for lunch or afternoon tea.

Days Out

Take your Mum out for the day to celebrate Mother’s Day. Visit a National Trust, a local attraction or take them out for afternoon tea or a meal. You could also look to make it a regular or monthly event. A promise of an ongoing day out with you will give them something to look forward to and ensure you spend precious time together.

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