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NHS Funding (healthcare) for In-Home Care

NHS Funding (healthcare) for In-Home Care

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If you have healthcare needs that are long term or complex, you may qualify for funding from the NHS for in-home care. This is called continuing healthcare. Your eligibility for continuing healthcare is based on your determined needs and not a particular condition or diagnosis. The criteria for this type of funding is very strict. It is also a complex process and involves numerous assessments.

Who is entitled to NHS funding?

You may be entitled to continuing healthcare if:

  • you’re over 18 in England, and
  • you have a primary health need. This may include but is not limited to:
  • Complex medical conditions
  • Mobility problems
  • Physical or physical disabilities
  • Rapidly deteriorating health
  • Terminal illnesses
  • Cognitive or behavioural disorders

The Assessment Process

The assessment process for NHS continuing healthcare is carried out by a team of healthcare professionals and is done in two stages. You should be fully involved in the process and have your thoughts and views considered. Family members and carers may also be involved in the process if appropriate.

Stage 1 – Initial Assessment

An initial assessment is carried out by a Doctor, nurse or healthcare professional. You should be told you are having an assessment and your consent should be sought. Depending on the outcome of this assessment you’ll be told if you do or don’t qualify for a full assessment.

Stage 2 – Full Assessment

Full assessments are carried out by a multidisciplinary team with a minimum of two different healthcare professions. This assessment is very in depth and will consider the following need areas:

  • breathing
  • nutrition (food and drink)
  • continence
  • skin (including wounds and ulcers)
  • mobility
  • communication
  • psychological and emotional needs
  • cognition (understanding)
  • behaviour
  • drug therapies and medicine
  • altered states of consciousness
  • other significant care needs

The overall need and interactions between needs, will be considered, together with evidence from risk assessments, before deciding whether NHS continuing healthcare will be provided.

Fasting Track Assessment

NHS Continuing Healthcare can be fast tracked if your health is deteriorating quickly and/or you are nearing the end of your life. In these cases, an appropriate care package can be put in place as soon as possible.

Further Information

To find out if you are eligible for NHS funding speak to your Doctor or health care professional, who can arrange to have your healthcare needs assessed.

An organisation called Beacon also offers independent advice on continuing healthcare. You can visit their website or call the free helpline 0345 548 0300.

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