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Regaining confidence after a fall

Regaining confidence after a fall

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As you get older the risk of falling increases due to the effects of aging and also long term health conditions.

Although the majority of falls don’t result in serious injury they can lead to broken bones, which often take longer to heal, and can also knock your confidence. A survey by Age UK found that ‘millions of older people are worried about falling over, with 4.3 million (36%) saying it topped their list of concerns’.


Tips for regaining your confidence after a fall

If you’ve had a fall then it can take awhile to rebuild your confidence. Here are some tips to help you get back to living your life without the constant worry of a fall.

Acknowledge the fear

Acknowledging the fear is an important first step in recovery and building back your confidence. Talk to your Doctor, family and friends about your concerns and remember that this an understandable and normal worry after a fall.

Remove hazards

Many falls occur in the home as a result of household hazards. Doing a survey of your home and taking steps to reduce the risks will also help in rebuilding your confidence. Remove clutter from around the home, fix or remove loose flooring, hide electrical cords and ensure that the things you need regularly are within easy reach.


Aides are a great way to build back your confidence after a fall. There are lots of different aides available including walking aides such as walking frames and canes as well as other helpful aides for around the house such as grab bars, shower chairs and non-slip mats.

Get back into a routine

Getting back to your normal routine can also help to rebuild your confidence. As soon as you are able, try resuming your daily tasks and returning to your pattern of life before the fall.

Stay Active

If you’ve experienced a fall then getting active is probably the last thing on your mind but it can actually help to rebuild your confidence. Being active can improve your strength, mobility and balance which ultimately reduces your chances of a fall and helps you feel more confident.

Talk to a professional

If you are still struggling to get your confidence back then talking to a professional such as a therapist or psychologist may help. You Doctor may be able to recommend someone or ask family or friends for recommendations.

Home help

If your fall is due to ongoing health or mobility issues then it might be time to get some extra help with daily tasks. New Age Care offer bespoke visiting service that will help you to continue to live independently. Our visits are from 1 hour upwards and include morning and bedtime routines, personal care, cooking meals and cleaning to name a few. For more details visit our website.


Preventing a fall

Prevention is always better than cure. For ways to reduce your risk of a fall, check out our previous blog Preventing Falls.

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