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Celebrating Mothering Sunday with a Mum Who Has Dementia

Celebrating Mothering Sunday with a Mum Who Has Dementia

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Mothering Sunday or Mother's Day is a special occasion to show our love and appreciation for the incredible women who nurtured and cared for us.

For those whose mothers are battling dementia, celebrating this special day can present unique challenges. However, there are still meaningful ways you can celebrate Mother's Day with your Mum and create precious moments.

Embrace Connection

Despite the cognitive change’s dementia brings, the opportunity for connection remains. Mother's Day provides an opportunity to connect emotionally, tapping into shared memories and moments of joy. Focus on the simple pleasures of being together, whether it's holding hands, sharing a smile, or enjoying a quiet moment of companionship.

Engage in Familiar Activities

Plan activities that resonate with your Mum's interests and abilities. Engage in familiar hobbies or pastimes that bring her comfort and joy. Whether it's listening to her favourite music, reminiscing over old photo albums, or enjoying a leisurely walk in the garden, choose activities that evoke positive memories and spark moments of happiness.

Create a Memory Book or Scrapbooks

Compile a memory book or scrapbook filled with photos, mementos, and written anecdotes that celebrate your mother's life. Include pictures from significant milestones, cherished family moments, and even messages from loved ones. This tangible keepsake can serve as a source of comfort, providing a glimpse into a lifetime of cherished memories.

Host a Virtual Family Gathering

If distance or circumstances prevent a physical gathering, consider hosting a virtual family celebration. Arrange a video call with extended family members to share stories, laughter, and well-wishes. Despite the physical distance, technology can bridge the gap and unite loved ones.

Sensory Stimulation Activities

Explore sensory stimulation activities that engage your Mum's senses and promote relaxation and well-being. Consider activities such as aromatherapy with soothing essential oils, gentle hand massages, or listening to calming music. These sensory experiences can evoke feelings tranquillity and foster a sense of calm and comfort.

Enjoy Nature Together

Spending time outdoors can have therapeutic benefits for individuals with dementia. Take a leisurely stroll in a nearby park, visit a botanical garden, or simply sit together in the sunshine and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Nature has a remarkable ability to soothe the soul and evoke feelings of serenity. A tranquil backdrop for meaningful moments

Personalised Gifts with Meaning

When selecting a gift for your Mum, opt for personalised items that hold sentimental value and meaning. Consider customised photo gifts, engraved jewellery, or a framed collage of family memories. Thoughtful gifts that evoke fond memories and emotions can bring joy, comfort, and serve as cherished keepsakes of your love and appreciation.

Practice Patience and Compassion

Above all, approach Mother's Day with patience, understanding, and compassion. Dementia can be unpredictable, and your Mother's Day mood and behaviour may fluctuate throughout the day. Be prepared to adapt and embrace each moment with acceptance. Focus on the love and connection you share, and let kindness guide your interactions.

Celebrating Mother's Day with a Mum who has dementia may require a shift in perspective and approach, but it also presents an opportunity to cultivate more moments of love, connection, and joy amidst life's challenges. By embracing the connection, engaging in meaningful activities, and showering your mother with love and compassion, you can create cherished memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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