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Hygiene Tips for Bed Ridden Elderly 

Hygiene Tips for Bed Ridden Elderly 

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Hygiene Tips for Bed Ridden Elderly 

When someone is bedridden due to their condition, illness or age, it’s super important to ensure they maintain good hygiene. Good hygiene will not only help with their physical wellbeing but it will also their mental state and self-esteem.

If you are caring for someone who is bedridden, here are our top tips for helping them keep up a good hygiene routine.


If a person can longer get to a shower or bath then the person will need to have regular bed baths. On a daily basis you should aim to clean at least their hands, face and genitals. Have an open conversation with the elderly person about how to do this. If they can do some of this themselves, that’s great, but if not then you will need to help them. Then look to have a full body sponge bath once or twice a week. While you’re doing the sponge bath, this is also a great time to check for bed sores. 

Hair Care

Make sure you gently brush or comb the bed bound person’s hair every day to avoid knots and tangles. If they have longer hair you may want to consider cutting it shorter as this will make maintenance much easier. You should also look to wash their hair on a regular basis. This can be tricky to do with someone who is bedridden, so aim for once a week. If their hair needs more regular washing consider using dry shampoos. We would also recommend washing a person’s hair at a different time to their body as this can often be too taxing and tiring at one time.

Oral Hygiene

Cleaning a bed ridden person’s teeth regularly is vital for oral health. Try to do this at least once a day, and if possible, twice. If the person can do it themselves then bring them the items they need and a bowl for spitting. You should also try to help them to floss and/or use a mouth wash to help get rid of any trapped food. If the elderly person wears dentures make sure you clean their dentures and also their gums, as these can easily become infected if not cleaned.

Nail Care

Long nails can trap dirt and bacteria and become infected, so it’s important to ensure their finger and toe nails are regularly cleaned and trimmed. If your loved one enjoys getting their nails done, then you may also want to give them a manicure or pedicure or paint their nails, it’s amazing what this can do to their self esteem.

Clothing & Bedding

Changing a bed bound person’s clothes and bedding regularly is another hygiene must. How often will depend on the person and circumstances but if possible try and change their clothes daily or every 2nd day. With regard to bedding, you’ll be surprised how quickly dirt accumulates, think food crumbs, so try to change these a few times a week.

Need extra help

If you’re struggling to help your loved one with any of these hygiene tasks, then help is available. New Age Care offer a regular visiting service that can help with personal hygiene such as bathing. To find out more visit our website or call 0808 808 5000.


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