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New Age Care visit The Alzheimer’s & Dementia Show

New Age Care visit The Alzheimer’s & Dementia Show

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Our visit to the Alzheimer's & Dementia Show this year was both enlightening and inspiring.

We explored various stalls and learned about the latest developments in dementia care and support, as well as attended insightful talks at the Dementia Matter Theatre.

The event featured stalls from organizations like Dementia UK, Lockabox, Dementia Adventure, Age UK, CQC, and more. The talks at the Dementia Matter Theatre were a highlight of the visit. We attended sessions that covered a wide range of topics. Speakers discussed different types of dementia, including rare forms, various diagnostic methods, and the common stages of dementia progression. There was also an introduction to frailty and dementia, highlighting their interconnectedness and impact on individuals. Additionally, speakers explored the different types of memories affected by dementia and emphasized the importance of social interaction to improve the quality of life for those with dementia.

Overall, our visit to the Dementia Show was a valuable experience. We gained a wealth of information, discovered innovative products, and found inspiring ideas to improve the lives of those affected by dementia. It was also a great opportunity to engage with the dementia care community.

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